Rehabilitation & Recovery Facility


Rehabilitation & Recovery Facility

Who was involved

Hull and East Yorkshire MIND (HEYMIND)

Alessandro Caruso Architects (ACA)

Project outcome

ACA has designed a specialist rehabilitation and recovery facility. The facility caters for people who require an environment for mental health recovery on behalf of Hull and East Yorkshire Mind. The accommodation will provide a therapeutic and safe environment where the residents can build confidence while developing independent living skills to continue the process of recovery.

The Design

ACA believes in the benefits of user-orientated design. This means developing a thorough understanding of the eventual users and their perceived environment. With this method we can create a space that will promote confidence, comfort and safety. The step-down process integrated into the core of the design, gently encourages independence as the residents move through the stages of recovery. User-orientation and way finding is simplified throughout the scheme using colour rather than signage to denote a homely environment. Through ACA’s specialist knowledge and research, the scheme builds on the psychology of colour to encourage a harmonious and therapeutic atmosphere.

ACA provides sophisticated visualisations to help clients and members of the public truly visualise the proposal:

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