Extra Care Residents


Extra Care Residents

Who was involved

The Abbeyfield Society

Alessandro Caruso Architects (ACA)

Project outcome

ACA sensitively designed a modern and refreshing extra care apartment, tailoring it to aid couples, where one of them may be experiencing early-onset symptoms of Dementia or similar.

The Design

The design takes into consideration the rich, fulfilled lives that people have experienced and provides a respectful and dignified place to live. The is steeped in culture and art. Consequently, art pieces from a local artist have been installed to create visual reminders and trigger memories.

Materials have been thoughtfully selected to provide a calming atmosphere. Furniture and equipment with different functions are highlighted in different colours to aid the day-to-day obstacles people may experience. Colour selections for the extra care apartment were inspired by iconic paintings of the local surroundings. Floral prints on curtains provide an extra element of visual stimulation.

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