Broadmoor Hospital Crowthorne, Berkshire

Lighting Manufacturer: Designplan Lighting

Client: West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Consultants: WSP

Contractors: Kier

Signature Light Fitting: Basilica

Broadmoor Hospital is the best known of the three high-security psychiatric hospitals in England. It provides a specialist service assessing and treating men from the south of England who have serious mental health or personality disorders. The highly structured environment requires lighting which reduces risk and promotes safety.

The hospital opened in 1863 and was first named the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum. However, mental health care has advanced tremendously and the Victorian architecture no longer offers fit for purpose accommodation and care appropriate for the high secure services required in the present day.

As part of the redevelopment of Broadmoor Hospital (BHR), Designplan were selected by the projects main contractor, Kier to provide lighting in areas such as corridors, lobby, kitchen and day rooms.

Moving forward

The redevelopment of Broadmoor Hospital is like a phoenix rising out of the ashes of the old building. The old brick building is synonymous with the Victorian era, which although impressive to look at, is costly   to maintain. Staff often spend time observing corridors and blind spots in the existing ward areas. However, the purpose built new design contains bright and wide passage ways which means time will now be spent carrying out therapeutic activities. The new build will modernise living conditions with upgraded facilities for patients, as well as an improved working environment for all employees. The installation of 1500 Basilica luminaires in the corridor, ward day space and reception area, with their non-institutional contemporary appearance, enhance the features of the modern interior.

Why choose the Basilica?

The core purpose of our lighting is to protect and promote the wellbeing of both patients and staff. With safety as a prime consideration, the Basilica with no ligature points, helps to prevent self harming. The Basilica luminaire has an IK20 rating meaning it can withstand up to 250 joules of impact; ensuring that in the event of any disruptions, the lighting will remain intact. The die cast aluminium body is strong, and its durability is increased with a tough protective skin of oven baked polyester paint. The Basilica is an LED fitting providing a uniformity of light distribution with an impressive light output of 116 lumens per circuit watt; whilst reducing energy consumption by up to 65% when compared to older fluorescent lighting.

Modern environment

 BHR will be in line with the high secure mental health standards with the added benefit of reduced costs in maintenance. This advancement will allow the West London NHS Trust the opportunity to invest more money into patient care. Therapy and educational services will need to portray this progression in care by creating a fresh bright environment. The Parkalux Angled luminaire with its sleek design, discreetly masks its IK14 robust construction and tamper-proof screws. The Parkalux Angled is representative of Designplan’s timeless design as it is nearly twenty years old and, yet it has evolved into the perfect contemporary luminaire for this modern environment.

Exterior safety

 Safety at Broadmoor Hospital is vital and one of the trust’s top priorities. Our installation was both internal and external and adhered to all required levels of security. The Zelos Wall Max is an elegant and versatile bulkhead and a perfect choice for wall mounted perimeter applications.  The robust IK16 die cast aluminium body, with an IP65 rating, ensures it can be relied upon to function in challenging environments and withstand extreme weather conditions. The attractive LED Zelos Wall Max allows a good distribution of light over doorways to guide anyone entering or exiting.

Change means hope

The new Broadmoor Hospital has been specifically designed to promote recovery, dignity and comfort. On average patients stay at Broadmoor Hospital for five years. The improvements in the new development will help staff provide the best possible treatments in surroundings which support therapy and encourages recovery to achieve the desired outcomes. Because of its high walls and other visible security features, the hospital is often wrongly assumed to be a prison. The contemporary lighting in BHR incorporates the necessity of addressing mental illness in an environment which retains hope for change.

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